Thursday, 16 May 2013

Body Modifications (African Art post 9/10)

body piercings are performed by puncturing or cutting parts in the body, creating a hole which one can make any size that he wants, but in African cultures piercings have even a symbol where it shows how wealthy a person is, this is done by the wealthier you are the bigger they stretch.
Once a man marries a woman, the woman get pierced where it show that the wife is now financially secured with her husband.
As one knows, piercings can be done in every place in the body, like on the lips, nose, and ears and on other body parts. They are even done for the culture as they show religious purposes in their lives and even done to show one’s beauty or to make them more attractive


Piercing Stretching (Flesh tunnels)
This is another form of body piercing, but they do not look like traditional piercings as they are stretched thoroughly where it becomes a big opening where one inserts a plug in the hole and because of the plate/plug’s weight it stretches by its self through the year. Their plugs/plates are even hand made as they use clay, stone, wood and bone and sometimes even metal.
Yet this tradition is being lost in some tribes, where today women can even decide for themselves if they want to wear such plates or not, some women wear them as they are some kind of body adornment as even their sizes are important for their own status as in their own thoughts, women who wear such plates are considered as more beautiful than the ones that they don’t.


Teeth Filing
Teeth filing is another type of body modifications, where one will re-shape his teeth or even will have a tooth removal. Dental modifications are as well as other modifications, as they are done for beauty, cultures and social status. Teeth filing is done in some tribes to show one’s puberty and such things just like they do when they scarification on a person.
When they remove teeth, they do them by the help of a stick which will be placed on a tooth and they hit the stick with a hard rock, this is done so when one will stretch his lips, the plug/plate will be more comfortable in one’s mouth. 


Cranial Deformation
When one is still young, his head will be softer than a matured person’s head, so by the help of clips they’ll put pressure on the head and the skull will deform past time, the shapes can vary from one to another as one can deform the shape to an elongated head to heart shapes. This is not a safe thing to do as one can be brain damaged and so on if too much pressure is applied to the skull. As this is not safe today they are not practising this modification any more in a lot of tribes, yet still done in a couple of tribes in Africa


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